Wills & Estates

Services include:

  • Wills
  • Challenges to Wills
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Estate and succession planning
  • Testamentary and protective trusts
  • Deceased estate and trust administration
  • Estate dispute resolution and litigation
  • Advance Health Directives

Peace of mind

A carefully prepared Will by one of our experienced solicitors will assist in ensuring your assets pass in accordance with your wishes following your death.

At Kennedy Spanner Lawyers we will assist you with all aspects of succession planning, which includes closely reviewing your assets including superannuation and life insurance policies.

Deceased Estate Administration

We assist people who have been appointed as Executors/Trustees of estates to administer the estate in accordance with the Will. As part of administration of an estate we offer a fixed fee Probate Application.

We can often arrange for our fees to be deferred until the conclusion of the matter when assisting with administration of the estate.

If You are Left Out of a Will

If you have been left out of a Will or not adequately provided for in a Will, you need legal advice quickly.

Our team is experienced with challenging Wills in circumstances where people have not been adequately provided for. We will often handle such cases on a no win no fee or a deferred fee basis.

It is important to note that strict time limits apply to challenging a Will so we suggest you act without delay.

Defending a Will

If you are an Executor/Trustee of a Will which is likely to be or has been challenged, talk to one of our experienced Wills and Estate lawyers without delay.

We will guide you through the process, assess the merits of the case and provide you with realistic and plain english advice on how the matter should be handled.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

Some people often refer to an Enduring Power of Attorney as a “Living Will”.

You can appoint someone whom you trust implicitly to make decisions on your behalf if you lose your capacity to do so. That person is your “Attorney”.

Your Attorney can do anything legally you can do yourself. It is important that you choose wisely. We like to give you the option of incorporating a clause in the Enduring Power of Attorney which means the Attorney can only act on your behalf in certain circumstances.

The advantage of having pre-appointed an Attorney is that if you lose your capacity to manage your own affairs due to a motor vehicle accident or stroke or the like, you have pre appointed someone whom you trust to handle your financial/legal affairs for you.

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