No Win No Charge in Approved Cases

You Have Rights

Access to justice should not hinge on whether you can afford to pay a lawyer.

We will assess your case promptly and this can often be done over the phone in our free initial discussion with you.

No Win No Charge or Deferred Fees

If you cannot afford to pay for our services, in approved cases we will:

Handle your matter on the basis that we are only paid for the work we do at the end of the matter and only if the claim succeeds; or defer payment of our fees until the end of your matter; cover the out of pocket expenses until conclusion.

Our Written Promise to You

We will provide you with an easy to read Service Agreement which confirms our promise in writing to you that the matter is being handled on a No Win No Charge or Deferred Fee basis as the case may be. Our promise relates to our legal fees and in some cases out of pocket expenses. The vast majority of cases settle without reaching a Court. If your case is one of the few that make it all the way to Court and if you are unsuccessful, you may be ordered to pay for some of the other party's legal costs.


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